30 Days of Writing: Day Fifteen

Midway question! Tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not!

One particular writer I a lot of respect for is the dark fantasy novelist, Justine Musk.

I first came across Justine’s first novel, Bloodangel, during a leisurely virtual peruse of the Amazon.co.uk bookshelves. As usually happens with me, I was seduced by the cover (Chris McGrath has been responsible for quite a number of my literary purchases, although unlike Bloodangel, their content hasn’t always been as impressive as their covers). I have since read its sequel, Lord of Bones, and am very much looking forward to her future releases.

The main reason I regard Justine so highly is because she uses her experiences as a published author — and a writer, in general — to help others realise their own potential.

She provides insight all aspects of writing, from building a writing style to finding your own voice, all while remaining a very approachable — even humble — woman, without even the slightest hint of condescension in her advice.

You can read Justine’s blog, Tribal Writer, here.

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