30 Days of Writing: Day Fourteen

How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

When I was first thinking about designing the city, I started looking for low populated cities in the US to base the idea on, and I lucked out when I found Lowell, Massachusetts on Wikipedia. Being a former industrial city, much like the town I’m from, I figured this kind of place would have a surplus area of industrial wasteland, leaving abandoned buildings that wouldn’t draw much attention, such as the factory that the Clan inhabit, and the various vampire safe houses dotted around and about.

Using God Google, I grabbed a map of the city (plus some snapshots in Street Map mode, something that I’m still convinced is powered by witchcraft), then added some of the geographical locations for my city within it. An early version of it is here:

You can start to see patterns in the behaviour of the creatures that inhabit the city by looking at the locations of various places. For example, the Slayers edge towards the centre of the city and have reached out towards the outskirts. Clan vampires and safe houses tend to be located further out, too; the factory is about as far away as it could be while still being within the city lines. The rogue vampire locations, on the other hand, such as the clubs (I haven’t put all twelve in the map, because it’s an old map and I couldn’t be bothered finding places for all twelve, in all honesty…maybe some other time) as well as Vincent’s own safe house, can be found closer to the centre. This would put them in better location for night life — the students out looking for a good time — but it also runs the risk of being closer to the Slayers.

While I was in Street Map mode, it was like being the cheapest location scout ever! It’s things like the invention of this technology that makes me realise how much smaller the world seems these days to what it did when I was younger; essentially, I’m seeing places half way across the world in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t have imagined something like that 10 years ago. Anyway, I’m digressing…what was I saying? Oh yes, so anyway, I also came across a factory-type building that I thought would suit the Clan quite nicely:

I think the guys would be happy here.

I haven’t done many maps of inside buildings, mainly because it’s hard work and I haven’t had the time (ha! Haven’t had the time, what a massive lie; I just haven’t got around to it), although I did make one once of the Clan’s factory itself using a program called SmartDraw (the demo of which has since expired, so I can’t use it anymore, but it was a pretty good design package; if I had the $300 going spare, I might even have gone all out. But then, the chances of me having $300 “spare” are pretty slim).

The image below is pretty big, so if you want to see it in full detail, right-click the image and select “Open in New Tab/Window”

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