30 Days of Writing: Day Nineteen

Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

As I mentioned on Day Eleven, Scout is quite possibly one of my favourite characters all together, and he’s also the one who has come from being next to nothing to being a prominent and relatively important character in the entire series.

Scout, or as he’s known in the The Genesis, just “the Dealer” (he wasn’t even important enough to merit a name), is the vampire equivalent to a drug dealer (hence the name, brilliant on so many levels), and is the only vampire with access to the ‘wonder blood’ distributed in the city. When he’s not busy selling the vampiric equivalent to Vicodin, he makes money as an informant (freelance, might I add; which is the worst kind of informant you could have, really), gathering every shred of information from literally the entire city’s vampire (and sometimes Slayer, depending on how loose their tongues are) population.

You’d think that with the danger of giving their information to a man who will potentially go on to sell it to the highest bidder would put the vampires on edge around him, but since he’s just such a damned nice guy, he breaks down any defences people may have. And because he chooses no alliance with any part of the community, clan or rogue, and with his influence as the blood dealer, he has free reign over the city, which has allowed him into many of the events that have been written about so far.

I personally like Scout so much for three reasons: 1, he’s funny and is one of the sparks that brightens up an otherwise largely dark world; and 2, he’s much more intelligent than he lets on; and 3, despite his rugged and menacing appearance, he’s has nothing but good intentions in everything he is a part of, whether or not things turn out as well as he’d hope. Oh, and bonus for 4, because I based his character appearance off Jonathan Davis of KoRn, which makes him automagically amazing by association.

Also, I’m not the only one who considers “The Dealer” to be an upstanding character. Vocalist “Screaming Mad” Dee Calhoun wrote an entire song about him. The song, recorded by Dee’s Baltimore-based metal band After Therapy also begins with the parting narrative from what was originally the only scene Scout was in.

Check out the song here:

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