30 Days of Writing: Day Seven

Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

‘She’s making playlists. She likes to listen to MP3s when she hunts. It’s like her own internal soundtrack, you know? Dark core, trip-hop, whatever kids are listening to these days. Me, I’m more of a David Hasselhof fan, you know?’~ Hannibal King, Blade: Trinity

Tremendously unsubtle Apple product placement aside, this explains how I feel when it comes to music and writing. Writing is my ‘hunting’. When I listen to music, I often get inspired to write to it, and I struggle writing when I don’t have access to my tunes.

As to what kind of music, it depends on the scene I’m trying to write. For example, I use a lot of Pendulum for fights and chases, Skinny Puppy for my dream sequences, and Ludo Einaudi for the quiet, introspective scenes. I have playlists set aside just for writing — mainly soundtracks the likes of Underworld, Resident Evil and American McGee’s Alice (Chris Vrenna is a freaking genius, and to deviate from the question for a moment, American McGee’s version of Wonderland would have totally dominated Burton’s version, had they obtained the rights to make it into a film) to name a few — for when I’m ‘in the zone’ and just need something to be playing.

And finally, yes, quite a few of my characters have ‘theme’ songs.

Catrina, for example, I relate to Godsmack’s ‘I Stand Alone’.

If you ignore the video (the pretentiousness of the music video is off the scale), the lyrics are quite relevant to Catrina’s mindset, or maybe it’s more relevant to the feeling she has towards the powers she comes to possess.

And I put Fox to Puscifer’s ‘Momma Sed’

The song basically encompasses the struggle Fox experiences on a daily basis; he has suffered in every way and the world has changed regardless, and he has no choice but to ‘suck it up’ and deal with the present, while trying to let go of the past.

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