30 Days of Writing: Day Seventeen

Favorite protagonist and why!

It would probably have to be Catrina, just because she’s one of the oldest characters brought through from the early drafts and anything involving her comes a soothing sense of comfort and familiarity, which is probably why I struggled with The Vampire’s Son as much as I did (or as much as I still am, cursed third draft!), because she isn’t in it.

Well that was a disappointly short answer, so here, have a Strutting Leo to tide you over til tomorrow:


(For more Strutting Leo’s, I’d suggest you follow FuckYeahStruttingLeo on Tumblr. If you don’t have a Tumblr…get one, it’s yet another priceless timewaster. For information on the “Strutting Leo” meme, check out Know Your Meme, and I’ll see you tomorrow!)

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