30 Days of Writing: Day Ten

What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

First of all, ‘weird’ is subjective and situations depend on the context in which they appear, but let’s give it a try anyway.

Catrina’s dreams have their fair amount of oddity, but then of course, they would, what with them being dreams and everything. In addition, any encounters Catrina has with the ‘Creature’ are also relatively strange, but again, he’s a seven and a half foot tall intellectual beast, and out of context, that would be more than a bit weird; even in context, the Creature still has his moments.

I suppose some of my truly weird situations don’t make it through to anything people can read, as they tend to pop up in early drafts (alongside my award-winning prose.). Quite a few of the scenes that push through my first draft are totally out-of-character, as I’m still getting to grips with most of the characters’ behaviours and generally exploring possibilities for them, which is sometimes unsuccessful.

For example, my very first draft of The Genesis had a particular scene where the Clan celebrate after preventing a Slayer attack, which sounds reasonable enough, if it wasn’t for the fact that they decided to celebrate by sitting in the laboratory, playing drinking games.

This already ludicrous situation was compounded with Fox, Catrina’s maker and the solemnest of all brooding, serious men, getting tipsy. Tipsy. That’s Fox, the man with a permanent blood alcohol content high enough to get other people tipsy just for breathing near him. Icing on the cake? He was falling about, tipsy and laughing. Tipsy and laughing.

Looking back, yes, that was a little bit weird…as well as horribly degrading for everyone involved.

And no, I won’t post these early drafts anywhere, ever. If I ever find it (the first draft was written with on pen & paper and filed away in a Ye Olde Foldere, which has now probably ended up in the labyrinth of the loft that I’m not allowed in, because I’m a woman), I’ll burn it in a ceremonial fire. Plus, in my defence, I was only sixteen at the time of first writing The Genesis, and while that’s hardly an excuse — since people half my age can likely produce better concepts than vampire drinking games — at least I’ve been trying to improve myself ever since.

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