30 Days of Writing: Day Twenty Five

Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.

Again, nope, but in this case, it’s understandable.

I wouldn’t expect vampires to have the ability to keep animals around them any easier than they would be able to keep humans around for extended periods, since they still have blood pumping through their bodies and undoubtedly after a while the hunger would most likely turn on them. Although that’s just a theory; in truth, I haven’t written any pets in simply because I’ve never considered any of the characters “pet people”.

It could be conceivable that they might have vampiric pets, like Pac Man in Blade: Trinity.

(Yes, this was largely an excuse to put up a picture of Ryan Reynolds without a shirt; how perceptive of you to notice.)

But sadly, at present, none of the characters have thought to put the vampire gene into any furry friends.

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