30 Days of Writing: Day Twenty Nine (Redux)

How often do you think about writing? Ever come across something IRL that reminds you of your story/characters?

Alright, first off, an apology. You may have noticed there is already an answer to this question, a particularly blunt — and what you may be excused for thinking is an unfinished — answer.

Yes, well, what happened was…I had started to answer the question and scheduled the answer to be released around 6pm, a time I imagined I would be sitting at home busy typing ferociously and would have the time to answer a simple writing-related question, but when 6pm rolled around, I was re-watching series two of Dollhouse at my muse’s house and completely forgot I had a question to answer. So the scheduled one, the empty one, went ahead. Alright? Alright. Moving on.

I do think about writing every day, I tend to day dream quite often, daydreams that involve my characters playing scenes over in my head, scenes that usually see me through sluggish work commutes. My main problem, though — and another ‘quirk’ I’m working to iron out — is that I don’t actually write any of the thoughts I have down. I did however recently sell a kidney, so now I have enough money to buy a Moleskine notebook; we’ll see how well I incorporate that into my writing lifestyle.

In any case, I still think about writing daily, even if I don’t necessarily do very much about it.

I pull inspiration from just about everything I come across; whether it be the music, film, television and gaming that I surround myself with, something as simple as driving in the rain, or the office units I work in (which bear a striking resemblance to the Slayer Vicinity!).