30 Days of Writing: Day Twenty

What are your favorite character interactions to write?

I’m not entirely sure in which sense we’re talking here; having reviewed other peoples’ answers, the jury seem to be out on whether the question refers to who are your favourite character interactions between or what kind of character interactions you enjoy.

So I’m going to go nuts and answer both.

In terms of my favourite type of interactions, I’d say arguments. Doesn’t have to be full-blown fights, just the niggling little spats that surface now and then. I’m not quite sure why, let’s blame my upbringing, but I find arguments fascinating, and I like writing characters into corners with one another. Sometimes I even treat them to getting written back out.

As far as which characters, probably my favourite is that between Catrina and the Creature, largely because it’s unclear as to whether he is actually a spirit from the afterlife or merely a figment of her imagination, and either way, a bond forms between them that reminds me quite a lot of the weird interactions between John Crichton and the Scorpius clone Harvey on Farscape. Or the relationship between Lucy and Aslan in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; a fatherly or at the very least guardian bond. Or a mixture of the two; a psychotic, talking lion living in a little girl’s subconscious. Something like that.

Though perhaps a little more friendly.

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