30 Days of Writing: Day Two

How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

Within the five books that [will] comprise the Vampyr Snyper series, I have 40 major (or at least minor/major) characters, with 27 males and 13 females.

While the main protagonist for the series is Catrina, if we take her out of the picture for a moment, I seem to lean in favour of male characters, and when I do write women, I tend to find the vast majority become antagonists in some form or other (essentially, they’re all evil masterminds), or if they’re not out to destroy the world, they’re mentally unstable wrecks.

It kind of makes me worry about the ingrained perceptions I must have about all womankind if this is what I turn them into, but let me dwell on that another time. All I can say in favour of my choices is that I find them more interesting to write about, so to answer the second part of the question, I’d have to say that I prefer to write about females.

As a bonus (and because I had too much free time in the office today), here is a collage showcasing my cast of characters for all the main roles in the series. For full listing, including actors used, see the Dream Team.

Characters: Aisen, Amy, Angela, Attilla, Catrina, Charlie, Corey, Damien, Dacre Dai, Deakin, Devaux, Ebony, Edward, Fox, Ice, Jaego, James, Jared, Jessie, Jones, Kayla, Kyene Rae, Louis, Maria, Maldenor, Maramay, Maestermin, McKenzie, Meredith, Obsidian, Nathaniel Rae, Regina, Richard, Rose, Ruben, Scout, Sonny, Vervain, Vincent and Zenith.

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