A Very Belated New Year!

I considered making a new year’s resolution post towards the end of December.

In my experience, New Year’s Resolutions aren’t meant to be kept, so that when you make them, you end up feeling sad and confused, not to mention disappointed in your own shortcomings, being completely unable to keep to those simple goals you set yourself some twelve months earlier.

So I didn’t bother.

I was also infected with a nasty flu virus over Christmas (so bad that I spent Christmas day alone (if you don’t include the cats, who are blinded by what I don’t quite think is love because cats are incapable of love, but at the very least appreciation for the hand that feeds them), because I couldn’t get out to see any family and they all live too far away to come to me (and i didn’t want them there, in any case, what with me being a raised flu zombie), in bed, watching horrible Christmas television on ITV, because the remote was broken and I seriously did not have enough energy to get up and change the channel by hand.

Oh, and just as a by-the-by: Polar Express? Massive pile of shit film.

But anyway.  Since I wasn’t much better by New Year’s, I was in no state to be making dream-filled plans for the following 365 fun-filled days.  And since I’ve very slowly spent the majority of my time since then getting better while re-integrating into work life, I never got around to making any.

Looking back, I kind of wished I had forced myself to, as now we’re over a month into another year, and I am stuck doing my usual floundering about the amount of things I want to do, but either out of sheer laziness or just life in general elbowing its way into my time, I have done very little.  At least if I had made some kind of goals, I would’ve had something to mock myself for having not done, something for my inner life-coach (Don’t you have one of those?  Mine’s called Cybil) to yell at me to do.

In any case, it’s done (or — in this case — not done) now, so now I bring you my very belated New Year’s Resolutions:

  • I will save a good portion of my wage from now on to put towards the San Diego Comic Con trip in July.  This isn’t so much a resolution as much as something I have no choice but to do.  If I don’t have enough money, I’m not going to be able to go.  And since we have tickets (hell yeah!), we have to go.
  • I will either finish the first draft of Divided They Fall or I will finish the umpteenth draft of The Vampire’s Son.  This is an either-or; I am not giving myself the added pressure of finishing them both (though it would of course be very nice!)  If I am still working on one of these by November, I will make my NaNoWriMo 2011 project on their respective completion.  Failing to complete either of these by the end of November, I will release “Jeremy” to the general public, which is around 99% finished.  I am not allowing myself to bring work on The Servant or Blood of Ages (the fourth and fifth book, respectively), until any of the above criteria are filled.
  • I normally put in a resolution about eating more healthily or doing more exercise (More?  I mean any.), but now it’s getting to the stage that I really have to start looking at this as a serious subject.  I might go into this in more detail one day, when I want to put you off your lunch, but essentially my body is a mess — almost entirely self-inflicted — and at twenty seven, if I don’t do something to fix it now, there might come a time when I’m not able to at all.

Wow, that’s a bit of a downer to end on, isn’t it?

Here’s some Jazz Tenticles to lighten the mood.

There we go. Feel much better now.