Hi, I’m Penrefe, also known as K. L. Kerr. You may remember me from such things as the Blood of Ages novels, and…and…well, that’s probably about it.

I write trashy urban fantasy novels, and I love them very much.

My top ten films, in no particular order, are:

3rd Person ‘About’

K.L. KERR is an eighties child, raised on the likes of “American Werewolf in London”, “Elvira” and “The Lost Boys”, all of which she attributes to her long-lasting interest in tales of the supernatural.

She wrote the first draft of “Blood of Ages: The Genesis” when she was just sixteen (it wasn’t good), and she re-wrote the entire thing from scratch for NaNoWriMo 2011. She released it in September 2012. There are a total of three books planned for the Blood of Ages series, two additional “companion novels”, and a number of small works focusing on secondary characters of the series. It will keep her busy for some time.

Kerr currently lives in the North West of England with a cat called Neo.

Neo the cat, sitting at the desk, ready to work.