Another Day, Another Design

Well, it’s that time again.

That’s right, new site design time, woo!

Do do do doo do do doooooooooo (<– That’s a fanfare noise, in case you were wondering.)

I’m proud of myself for managing to keep with the previous site design for an entire month; I usually work in hours, not weeks.

This design was picked up by my good friend Google, and while it’s a little less ‘jazzy’ than the previous design, I like it because it’s minimalistic without taking anything away from the content or sidebars.

As a little bonus, I’ve also updated the picture of myself under About Me to something slightly more interesting than the boring author portrait I took off the web site.

I also noticed a pattern in these pictures when I put them together, and that is how much I seem to like putting things on my head. Whether that’s a self-depricating form of Paper Bag Syndrome (I can’t believe that’s actually real, admittedly only according to the Urban Dictionary, but…) or just the child-like wonder of playing with toys, I’ll leave that for the judges to decide.

Just as an FYI, the dragon head was part of Project: Algonquin, which never came into fruition but which I think we can all agree would have looked cool as fcuk if it had.

Finally, I’ve added a section for NaNoWriMo stats and the all-important word count into the widgets section.

As far as actual work for NaNo goes, I haven’t done a massive amount (shocker), but I have plotted out at least a skeletal outline, which I will be looking to flesh out over the next few days, so it’s all going off now.