Another Year…

Another failure in progression of any kind.  So, it’s new year’s eve, the year 2009 drawing to a rather disappointing close, and in true style to myself, I am ill.  Because I am ill, I’m not going out (well, that’s a lie, even if I wasn’t ill, I’m so very lazy and depressing that I probably wouldn’t have gone out anyway). Instead, I will reflect on 2009, with just one hour left in the year.

So what have I done this year? In a nutshell: I played on World of Warcraft far too much, then spent a very busy November (NaNoWriMo) catching up on a large amount of the work I should really have been doing throughout the year.

Now with just twenty minutes til 2010, I will briefly pass over my new year’s resolutions:

1/ I will start eating better. That isn’t to say that I will start eating healty (let’s not go crazy here, these are new year’s resoltuions, not miracles) but that is to say that I will eat more proper meat at mealtimes and maybe a sprig of cauliflower here and there.

2/ I will attempt to write at least one weekday and for at least two hours at some point of a weekend. That sounds reasonable enough, right?  I managed 50k words in 30 days for NaNo; a couple of chapters a month can’t be that far out of reach.

Hopefully, 2010 will be “the” year that I’ve been intending to be “the” year since about 2005.

And so, with a cough and a sneeze, I will bid farewell to 2009.