Apologising to my Characters

This made me giggle when I was reading it over the NaNoWriMo forums, a post where you apologise to your MC for all the things you’re inflicting on him/her this month. Link.

So I decided to do one for Michael and for Amy. And then I figured I’d carry on. It kept me entertained for a while.

(This is from the point I am at now in the story, around 13k)

Michael, I’m sorry for making you watch your mother die. I’m sorry for leaving you with Vincent. I know he can be a dick. I’m sorry I made you fight all those times, even though you weren’t any good at it. You’ll get better, if it helps any. And I’m sorry for killing Amy. I know it’s not happened yet, but she doesn’t deserve to die. I’d stop it if I could, but this is a prequel story and she’s definitely dead in the future. So, yeah, sorry about that. Enjoy her while you can.

Amy. Whoo. Well, what can I say? I’m sorry for the gambling brother who ran up thousands in debt, who you supported and continued to help throughout, only for him to turn around and use you as a tradeoff with a vampire. Sorry for your job as a familiar. I know you don’t like it. If it makes you feel any better, I’m thinking about killing off your brother in a really horrible and gruesome way. And I’m really, really sorry for introducing you to Michael. I know you’re going to have some great times together, but really, it’ll be his fault that you die.

Sonny, sorry I haven’t given you more to do. It’s just that other people are popping up all over the place, and – well – they’ve got a bit more to say than you. Hang in there. I’ll find you something soon.

Chino. I guess I’m sorry that I had Vincent bring Michael to your bar, since essentially that’s what kills you. But you’re really the one to blame for that. You shouldn’t get so hot-headed all the time.

Vincent, sorry about Michael. He’s trying his best.

Sorry about your girlfriend, Richard. If it’s any comfort, she was actually doing OK as a vampire. Before you killed her, anyway.

McKenzie, I’m sorry Richard’s a bit of a freak.

Kyene, sorry I had vampires kill your wife.

Nathaniel, I’m sorry Kyene is your Dad.

Scout, I’m not really sorry about anything with you. Maybe that Michael and/or Vincent roughs you up a bit at some point, but you’ll get over it.

Obsidian, sorry I haven’t found out how to get you into the story yet.

Attilla, see what I put for Obsidian.

Catrina, sorry you’re not old enough to be written into this story. Miss you!