Belated VAMPYR SNYPER Birthday, Updates & More

Hello, all!

So, first of all there’s the small matter of me having started the first draft of Vampyr Snyper NINE years ago, the anniversary of which was on the 12th March. I forgot. Oops. So Happy Birthday to VS!

Now, onto the important writing stuff. Having finally read through The Vampire’s Son draft, I have decided to focus on this for the foreseeable future. This is for two reasons:

One, it is in keeping with the correct order that the books are to be written/released.

Two, the work I was doing on Divided They Fall has all but been wiped when my MacBook fell over and had to be formatted. This, words can’t really describe the feeling I have thinking about this. Somewhere between rage and depression, maybe.

In addition, I’m also looking at doing some small improvements to the web site, give it back some pizzaz that I think went a bit wayward when I turned it into the simplistic version we see today. I’ll do my best not to cock it up, which admittedly I do tend to do when I make changes to the site.

Big waves out to everyone still out there in the abyss! I’m still here! I hope you are, too.