Call off the Search…

Because I know you were all so very worried about me, it’s alright, I’m not dead! You can call off the search parties and inform the authorities as necessary.

OK, so wow, yeah, it’s been almost two months since I updated the online world of my [writing] escapades. The reasoning for this can be summarised with two points:

1/ I got married. Having a wedding to plan and manage and perform damage control for took up most of my free time, and any time where I wasn’t technically doing anything (which, to be fair, was a lot of the time) I still couldn’t concentrate because I was too anxious about the whole thing. In any case, it all went off without a hitch, you’ll be glad to hear, I’m sure, and a big thank you to anyone who reads this who was a part of it. And yes, I’m sure you can all appreciate (especially those of you who have been married) how that kind of took my attention away from everything else.

2/ I returned to World of Warcraft. Yes, it is an addictive temptress, and after just three months’ break, I found myself longing once more to pick up that hoove’d, horned vixen hunter Catrinna and start playing again. We started a new guild, and I’ve done a few blogs on there (which I’ve had the gall to call writing “exercises” but that really aren’t!).

And that’s about it, really. Between stressing about the hundred and one things that could go wrong at the wedding (none of which did in the end; it was a lovely day) and levelling a new Draenei priest (plus dual-boxing a druid / shaman combo), I haven’t really made time for any of this mysterious thing called “writing”.

But now, the wedding is over and done with, so I can let out the breath I was holding in equal amounts of anticipation and dread, and with only the prospect of a game looming over me as a  freely available pastime whenever I want it, I can (hopefully) return my focus to the whole writing…thing.

The first two weeks of married life have naturally been bliss. We’re currently planning our honeymoon for July 2011; I desperately want to go to America, and – more specifically – San Diego Comic-Con, and because my husband loves me very much (enough to marry me, no less!), we’re going to incorporate it into our trip! We’re going to Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles, which already sounds far too hot for me just typing it, but I’m sure I’ll get over it when I’m there (or I’ll just sit inside the air-conditioned hotel room and have husband visit all the sights on my behalf…with a video camera!).

In writing news – of which there naturally isn’t much – it would appear that Amazon have finally pulled their fingers out and released the Kindle publishing over here in the UK. While the site is about as easy to navigate as Undercity (WoW joke; don’t worry if you don’t get it, just means you’re not a nerd), hopefully I’ll be able to get the information I need to be able to force “The Genesis” on the general Amazon population Soon™!

And in the meantime, I’m trying to get some kind of organisational skills around the writing, since that really should deserve quite a hefty chunk of attention right now.  I have about a half of “The Vampire’s Son” done, with the rest being stitched together by my muse, plus about a quarter of “Divided They Fall”. Both still technically first drafts (“The Vampire’s Son” is still the version that came from NaNoWriMo last November), there’s still an entire field worth of improvement room.

It’s good to be back!