“Divided They Fall” Begins

I have officially started work on the new version of Book III, Vampyr Snyper: Divided They Fall. I call it a new version because I did start a version some two years ago, which I soon abandoned finding that the story–while plastered full of characters I couldn’t get enough of–didn’t actually have a storyline.

I am going to be starting from scratch this time. I have already set out a very detailed plan, which I hope (fingers crossed) I will be able to follow through. I have let some characters go, pushed some to the sidelines, pulled others into the fray, and given birth to one completely new person. She’s going to be wonderful, although for now all I will give you is a name…she is Madeline Pearce. While I shouldn’t go into more detail at this early stage (she may still be cut completely), her name kind of gives away her role ;p

So I am working on that for the time being, at least until I get Book II back. The Vampire’s Son is still going through its first major edit, and I am being told it’s coming along slowly but surely.

I finished my second rewrite of Book II on the 5th August, having identified my serious flaws within the story, character consistency and so on. The story was changed completely between its initial concept as a “memoir-style” retelling of Fox’s eleven years as a vampire to the story of his search for his mother’s killer (significantly shorter at just shy of four years). I know in my heart of hearts that there is still a few big creases to iron out, but I am hoping that with this edit it will help me.

That’s about all I have for updates right now. I am going to get back to writing something, while the sound of the keys typing on the keyboard still inspires me.