Divided They Fall: The Beta Outreach Program

The opt-in to be a beta reader for Divided They Fall (Blood of Ages, #2) will be coming in the next few days.
(Subscribers only. You can signup here.)

I am currently on-target for completing the beta draft by the third week in September (which isn’t as far away as you’d think or I’d hope!). Don’t get too excited just yet, because you’re not going to be getting a beta copy right this very moment. But I like to give a reasonable amount of warning, because I want my betas to be able to plan ahead to be sure they’ll have the time to help me out.

This is an opportunity for my readers to get involved with my process.

Some imperative notes about the book itself:

  • This is the second book in the series, so you will need to have read The Genesis (Blood of Ages, #1) to really follow what’s going on.
  • There are a few instances of strong language and violence but no sexy times.
  • It will be approximately 100,000 words (around 300+ paperback pages) long.

Important things to bear in mind, if you’re considering being my beta reader:

  1. This is a novel in beta stage. While it is a complete story, it may have some typos, inconsistencies, and weak prose; also, the events within this book may change between now and publication.
  2. I will need you to read the entire draft, and fill out and return the questionnaire I supply, within one month. I know its quite a big ask, but I am hoping for a December release, and I’ll need everything back to work on in the month of November.
  3. You can’t share the book with anyone, unless it’s agreed with me first. I don’t mind other eyes on it–in fact, I’d welcome it–but I want to know about it first (and I’d want others to fill in a questionnaire, too!)
  4. This is not a proofread. You mustn’t attempt to edit or proof the book for me (Looking at you, as ever, Richy). Proofing and other such delights come later*.
  5. I want people who are honest and fairly critical. You need to be the type of person who has no issues telling someone that what they’ve produced is not up to par. I’m not suggesting you be intentionally mean (that space is and always will be a role reserved solely by Muse), but this ain’t a case of ego-stroking, you get what I’m saying?

For your hard work:

  1. You will receive an eARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Divided They Fall (Blood of Ages. #2), before its publication.
  2. You will be included in the acknowledgements at the back of the book (eBook and print edition!).

As I’m not sure how many responses this will get, I need to point out that I won’t be taking on any more than twenty new betas for this book. I also reserve the right to refuse a beta reader for any reason.

Beta invitations will be sent to my mailing list subscribers in the next few days.
Click here to signup.

* If you want to help me out with proofreading, that’s great, too! Just let me know when I’m sending out the beta drafts so I know to contact you again when it’s ready to be proofed. I already pay for editing, so it will help if I can shave of some pennies at the proofing stage.