Do You Believe in the Signs of the Zodiac?

(The name of today’s post is taken from this song.)

So today I discovered that 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. I’ve never really paid attention to the Chinese zodiac before, but since I’m zany for all things winged and fire-breathing (and I realise Chinese dragons are neither, but SHH), I went on over to the fountain of all knowledge Wikipedia and read a little bit about it, after which of course I became a total expert.

Now, the thing I never realised about the Chinese zodiac before today, is that it runs a twelve year cycle. This means that when I first started what is now the Blood of Ages series, it was also the Year of the Dragon. Am I taking this as a sign? You bet I am!

As with any horoscope, the fact that it is the Year of the Dragon will likely have a 0% impact on my year, and the chances of being able to predict any outcome based on the alignment of the planets are about as reliable as winning the lottery based on the ramblings of Mystic Meg.

That said, I am not a total sceptic, it’d be nice to think that the odds are in my favour this year, and from this information I am taking solace in the idea that 2012 is going to be a good year for me, and for my writing.

So happy Year of the Dragon, people!