I’ve finally started working on the second draft of the Vampire’s Son! Go me! I have a total of 23 gaps and inconcistencies in the first draft. I have as of today tackled one and a half (taking a break from the second one to write this).

As my mac book has recently been returned to me (after breaking down royally, being sent for warranty repair and destroying 3 hard drives at the Apple shop), I am concentrating now on my writing. I have done my best to resist the urges to install games and other misc crap on this now…at least until I have buckled down a little bit more. I keep forgetting that I am supposed to be working to a deadline now. This book is supposed to be out by Christmas.

Ha. Whatever.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with my ‘Wall of Shame’…all 23 points in big bold statements on my office wall (the office which right now looks like one of those rooms kiddies get locked up in when they are kidnapped in Mexico, but that’s another story). I am going to take them down one by one and watch the plot come together.

Just like that. Ta daaaaaa!