Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words on the Subject of Revenge

This week, Chuck Wendig has challenged his readerbase to a flash fiction challenge on the subject of revenge. For full details, click here.

In at exactly 100 words, this is my entry:

My old, decrepit neighbour, Clive, killed my cat today for “shitting in his garden for the last time”.

As Clive hands over Pebble’s corpse, I force down the desire to bludgeon him to death with her.

“I’m sorry it came to this,” he says, sounding surprisingly sincere.

That night, I invite him to dinner by way of apology. We wolf down delicious casserole together.

“Strange,” I say, licking the last trace of sauce off my finger. “I thought Pebble’s meat would’ve been more stringy.”

Seconds later, Clive clutches at his chest, screeches “Bitch!”, and lands face-first in Pebble’s juicy remains.


Ta da!