Fox is a Drunk

I am currently, as you all will proably know already, battling it through the first draft of the Vampire’s Son, and one significant thing I have noticed is how much Fox drinks. It wasn’t so much of a problem in the Genesis, because EVERYBODY was CONSTANTLY drinking there. However now, characters such as Vincent and Obsidian (and especially Attilla) are not the kind to drink alcohol. It just really highlights the fact that – since Fox spends sooooo much time in bars – if Fox weren’t a vampire, he would DIE of liver failure before reaching 25. Just thought I’d mention this. It seemed significant at the time.

Oh, and in writing news, apart from creating the drunk, I am now successfully into part 2 of 3 (and a bit) in the story structure, where part 1 is the time Fox spends before joinining the Clan, part 2 is where he has joined the Clan, and part 3 is where Fox first sets eyes on Catrina, and the years of innocent stalking that ensues. Happy times! =)

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

And a Happy New Year, in case that goes by and I forget to post. Which is likely.