Getting Back on the Horse After Being Punched in the Face

Right, so it’s been a while since I last updated. In those handful of months, I’ve undergone some…erm…life changes. As ever, I’m not really up for sharing the details. Let’s just say it’s something that happened to 33% of people in 1995. Oh wow, CRYPTIC.

So yeah, I’ve been in not the best frame of mind the last couple of months as a result of this thing, which is why I’ve not been posting, and why my social media feeds suffered radio silence for a while. I adopted some bad habits that I’m still working to curb, namely the whiskey and the cigarettes. Essentially, I turned into Fox.

Anyway, I think I’m coming up on the other side now, which is good. I have good people who are helping me all over the place, so I’m good. I’m good =)

Not a moment too soon, my book came back from the editor the other day. He had mostly good things to say, that it was “a real page-turner” and the like. Granted, he might only be saying because I’m paying him, but still, it’s a nice ego booster.

Getting the book back reminded me in a kind of twisted way that I still have something to work toward, something to do with myself and my time as a sneeze in the grand scheme of things.

It’s a very old metaphor, the whole “getting thrown off the horse” thing. I prefer the idea that life has a tendency of saying, “Hey, you look perfectly content. Here, have a punch in the face.” At the end of the day, some things happen and there’s nothing you can do about them.

I’m getting back on the metaphorical horse, in any case. I don’t know where it’s is going (I never did), but I’ll sure be holding on tight!