Goodbye, MacBook (with a VIDEO!)

…a video, might I add, which I think I made because I’ve had a low intake of tea today, and I’m possibly going a little crazy without it. In any case, it’s a sad farewell to an annoying little piece of crap that I still valued more than my life. Maybe that’s a little overreaction.

Bye, MacBook!

Breakdown of little MacBook’s debilitating condition can be read and pondered on here.

I used Ratigan’s “Goodbye So Soon” from Disney’s Basil the Great Mouse Detective, which I think is fitting, as the lyrics laced thick with sarcasm, but also just because Ratigan is voiced by Vincent Price, making it automatically cooler.

Now, you might be wondering why the video look like it’s being filmed by someone who’s having a stroke. That’s because I’m about as malformed as my MacBook. I have a tremor, which is a riot at parties, and while generally considered a problem that affects older people, I’ve had it as long as I can remember. It’s very depressing, not being able to take pictures of anything without resting the camera on something, but what can you do? Any further videos I post will undoubtedly come to you in TREMORVISION!