I think I speak for everyone when I say…


OK, so this year hasn’t been the most productive for the series. In fact, it’s been a pretty monumental failure of epic proportions. At least last year, in amongst all my whining and moaning, I somehow managed to churn out something akin to a first draft of book 2.

Book 3 has forever been the thorn in the series’ side. It is a dead space, wherein old alliances fall and new ones are forged, but where nothing really happens.

I have now retreated back to the comfort that is the planning stage. Doing that, I have now managed to make what seems (and I can’t emphasise the word SEEMS enough at this point) a complete storyline. Due to some of the significant changes, however, it has meant that the original work I had done this year (closing in on 30,000 words at last check), is now irrelevant and, well, just completely wrong.

So I’m starting again. I am 3,000 words in and battling on. I am crossing everything that can be crossed in the hope that this time will be the last.

My new year’s resolution for 2009 is to get
a first draft of “Divided They Fall” completed.

Wish me luck!