So NaNo is looming, and I’m still floundering to get a plan ready for the big launch. I’ve tidied my little office, I’ve set everything up for efficiency, and with my new Mac Mini ( I’m at least ready technologically for the event.

Mentally? I’m not even close. First of all, I’ve done zero (that’s ZERO) on the plan. So I have a busy 3 days ahead to get something down that’s at least a skeletal structure to the story. I have my scenes, you understand, just not the ropes of other chapters to tie them all together. But ho hum, I must get on. This thing isn’t going to write itself, as much as I will it to.

On another note, check out Kier’s new pages of “The Genesis” he’s done. It’s from the prologue. See Pages. Need moar pages!

That is all.