Inspiration Station: L. K. Madigan & Jackson Pearce

I watch Jackson Pearce‘s YouTube videos. Jackon Pearce, for those of you who don’t know, is a YA author who has already had publications for her two books SISTER’S RED and AS YOU WISH.

So yeah, I watch her videos, and I find her HIGH-larious for everything I see from her.

But the latest video I watched…yeah, not so much.

That’s actually really depressing.

But it also strikes a read chord with me, as I’ve thought about it countless times before.

It reminds me that I don’t actually have ‘forever’ to procrastinate and do ‘F.A.’ while the world passes me by. I have all these ideas for entire series(es?) swimming around in my head, and if I was hit by that evil bus that seems to strike down everyone before their prime tomorrow, all those stories would be lost with me, too.

So I suppose it’s not really an “Inspiration Station”, but more a warning station.

Don’t procrastinate, else all you’ll be left with unfinished video games, a hundred started drafts to the best novel ever written, and the best of intentions. And that isn’t enough to hold to your memory.

Just saying.