It’s All Gone a Bit .com

Hmm. So I have been looking around on other writer’s web sites and I’ve noticed one particular pattern that I’m not matching. I’ve noticed that everyone else (whether indepent publishing or mainstream) is using their named web site for their main site, and the book’s name (if at all) as a subsidiary.

Take, for example, WhatsHerFace who wrote Harry Pooter. is for the books, more specifically at the moment it’s for Order of the Phoenix, whereas is for her, her biography and what have you…

So I’m going to follow suit. Unfortunatly, unlike Rowling, I don’t have a team of a hundred or so professional web designers and marketers. I have me. And…that’s it.

So I’ve bought (although it’s just set up to forward back here while I work on it; click it and you should end up right back here. Woo! What a rush, eh?). I already have the, so everything is going to become a huge alias. I also have, but that was an accident.

And you can never have too many web sites.

Trust me.

Right, now, what was I doing?