It’s [Almost] Time to Rock

With just two hours to go til this weird and wonderful experience known as NaNoWriMo begins, I’m actually getting quite excited. I’ve never really done anything to a deadline (well, there is of course exams, but I haven’t doing those for what feels like decades), and it’s nice to (attempt to) bring some organisation to the chaos.

Besides, let’s face it, I have been putting doing this particular writing for a looooong time.
I’m all set to go technologically. I have Scrivener setup with all the ideas I could cram into a three-hour brainstorming session, which I am now calling my plan.
Anyhoo, enough chatter. I should be resting my fingers in preparation.
Man, I hope I don’t fail this too badly at this.
Good luck to anyone else who is taking part this year. I wish us all the will to succeed and the perseverance to reach our goals!