It’s New & Shiiiiiiiiiny

I love writing the first draft…of anything, really. It’s so, I don’t know, ALIVE. The characters are a lot more free, before I come down on them with the big red pen and scratch out half of the things that they do that I find so amusing or uplifting. There’s just so much energy that comes from writing the lives of these characters.

Just thought I’d mention. I’ve currently done around 50 pages of “Divided They Fall” (book-sized, mind), and it’s all going smoothly. I’m also in the process of a proof-read through the latest edition of “the Genesis” (I orded another paper copy). I have to admit, there are still a couple of mistakes, and I have fallen prey to the you’re/your bug. Slap my wrists. But, I have yet to find an it’s/its mix-up, so 1 out of 2’s not bad.