Let’s Start Over…

Okay, so I made a slight mistake a few weekends ago which…well, it basically resulted in losing all access to my Blogger account that is used for the Vampyr Snyper updates. Oops.

I’m not going to be able to get that access back; so all I have is the archives it created at the point of publishing. Not to worry, though, they’re still there, just at the bottom of this new design is Pre November 2007, where everything older than, well, than November, now sits: Old News

I wish I had some new news for you, something exciting about writing and books 2 and 3, but unfortunately I’ve been a lazy sod for the last few months and haven’t done diddly squat.

BUT I have made a virtual shop on the grid known as Second Life, where users can read the WHOLE first book for FREE! No, it’s not an excuse not to do work and I resent that thought! So anyway, if you’re a Second Lifer, you can check out the store here: CLICK ME!

What do you mean you’re not a user yet!?!?!?! Get signed up, that’s FREE too (^^) : CLICK ME!