Master of Procrastination

So…what’ve I been up to since my pledge to work hard in 2008 on making these books a reality?

Naff all, is probably the most accurate way of putting it.

I’ve gotten over my Second Life infatuation, simply because (a) the network connection failures and constant down time makes it hard to enjoy; and (b) there’s only so many times you can have someone walk up to you with a conversation starter of “your hot” (note the your, not you’re) before it starts to get tedious.

Catrina in-world, with new blonde hairdo

The shop’s still open though, and gets a fair bit of traffic. I’ve been selling a fair few Second Life Editions of the book, although whether they’re actually reading them is anybody’s guess.

Books & Skins & Chairs, all at the VAMPYR SNYPER Store!

So yeah, I’ve managed to haul myself away…just long enough for my dear friend Miss Derbyshire to entice me into the World of Warcraft. That’s right, I have become one of them. I have been totally and utterly hooked since joining about a month ago. I won’t bore you with details, but on the off chance you WoW, e-mail me and let’s fight the horde (or the alliance; I have characters on both sides) together!

Geek moment over, onto writing…

Of which there is little, to be frank. Since around Christmas/New Year time, I have started and restarted “Divided They Fall” til I was blue in the face. I have been frustrated, agitated, confused and annoyed, all at once with this story. Unlike the others, I do not have a plan in mind already. I’ve despised it so much, in fact, that I have now scrapped it completely, thrown it into a corner and left it there to die. While I imagine eventually I will have to approach it again, for now I am leaving it there, far in the recesses of my subconscious. I have been working on a plan to book 5, Blood of Ages, which I appreciate will not be released until all the others are finished. I hope that the very act of writing this plan will re-energise me into going back to that monster in the corner and getting back on track…