Multi-Boxing and Me

Original post from, where I am the original guild’s co-founder and since a lingering presence…

Regular guildies might have noticed a few days ago that a small army came into the guild, and that all five characters (Diokhan, Diakhan, Maramay, Máramay, and Marámay) were me.

This is known as multi-boxing.

Let me tell you all about it…

How Multi-Boxing Works

Multi-boxing (or dual-boxing, if you are using two accounts, as most people do) is when a player controls multiple accounts at once. It’s an imaginative (and accurate!) name. Multi-boxing is usually done using some compilation of software, addons and macros.

Multi-boxing is not an exploit, botting, or in any way a violation of the Blizzard’s EULA.

(As a sidenote, this still is a massively debated topic, mostly bottom lined by other anti-boxer players that Blizzard won’t stop multi-boxing because it’s 5 x account subscriptions instead of just one.)

How you can Multi-box for (Almost) Free!

Since Blizzard made the game free to play up until level 20, it now means you can essentially open up an infinite number of accounts and play on them all up to level 20 without incurring any costs.

You can also get a 24-hour free trial of Keyclone, the software most favoured by boxers, which allows you to setup the system and give the whole thing a whirl.  Of course, you have 24 hours to get it all set up and try and play, so if you’re going down the trial route, do it at a weekend!

A full copy will cost you $19.99. It used to be $9.99, but obviously the market for it has grown.

Besides, with the triple XP, you’ll be able get to level 15 in about 2 hours. That’s 22 more of the trial to go!

My Horde multibox setup, showing the screen maximizer used by Keyclone,
in order to see all five accounts at once.

What triple XP bonus? I’m glad you asked!

How ‘Recruit-a-Friend’ Works for Multi-Boxing

Recruit-a-Friend was an incentive brought in by Blizzard in an attempt to encourage players to bring their friends into the World of Wacraft, by offering various perks, such as bonus XP and granting levels, plus free month subscriptions and bonus mounts.

In normal situations, group XP is divided amongst the number of players in the group. Let’s say you receive 50xp for killing a creature by yourself. If you’re in a group with one other person, that 50xp is split in half, giving you 25xp each. If you’re in a group with four other players, the XP is split into fifths, giving you 10xp each.

However, the Recruit a Friend bonus includes a triple XP bonus. This means that you receive three times as much XP, both from killing mobs and from quest rewards. So, in a group of five, while you’re only getting 30XP instead of 50XP, but you have five shots per turn instead of one.

Now, your account can accommodate up to eight World of Warcraft accounts (I know this, because I’ve reached capacity on my account. Twice.). You can — at any point — add additional accounts, and login to them separately from your original account, thereby controlling more than one account at once.

You can also ‘recruit’ yourself, thus earning the bonus XP etc, all within your own accounts.

Of course, there is some cost involved in this, but it’s probably not as much as you might think.

In my case, I have essentially created 4 additional accounts that I can level characters to 70 for £40 (provided I do it within the month), so around the price of a Blu-Ray or a new video game.  I also have to pay £8.99 for each subscription; however, with the RaF perks, for the first month the recruited account pays for their subscription, the recruiter earns a free month. Essentially, I’ve paid for four months’ worth of subscriptions on my account.

However, if I get to level 70, I will have to pay out in excess of £100 in order to continue to 80, then another £100 if I wanted them all to 85!

Since I’m not made of money, or living in a house of gold, I suspect I will be stopping most – if not all – of them at 70.  I may continue with one extra account and dual-box the rest of the way.

Your Choices as a Multi-Boxer

What you do as a multi-boxer is about the same as controlling a single account, with the difference being that you have a few more ‘people’ to consider about.

Multiboxing PvE

If you are running a 5-man multibox, you are essentially a 5-man instance team within yourself.

So, essentially, you can either quest and level normally, just like you were in a group, or you can queue yourself into the Dungeon Finder. You can also do this if you’re in a less than five group (dual-boxing, for example), but expect some remarks from other players if they realise you’re playing more than one character by yourself. Also, be prepared for people to call you a bot.

Not everyone’s a fan.

Multiboxing PvP

Since I don’t PvP at all, I can’t go into much detail about this, but basically, the intention is that you supposedly have greater coordination because you have 5 accounts.

PvP and Multiboxing is generally what gets peoples’ knickers in a twist, moreso than PvE and multiboxing, for the fact that in a group of two or more, you are unlikely to die when going one-on-one against another player. Obviously.

This, I don’t really get. Controlling 5 separate accounts isn’t that easy; all it takes is one person to CC the master account and kite some others, and said boxer would essentially be screwed.

But anyway, I’m certainly in no position to question the choices people make in order to enjoy this game.

Addons & Resources

If you’re interested in getting into dual/multi-boxing, may I suggest, a site…about dual/mutli-boxing!