Music to Write Novels By: Intro & Index

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I like music. That’s OK, though, because other people also like music, too. There are people who don’t like music, and they should be rounded up like cattle and beaten to death with pool cues. I mean, really, who doesn’t like music? Soulless cretins, that’s who.

What was I saying?

Right. Yes. I like music, and I also write books (or, rather, I try to), and I like to listen to music while I write the aforementioned books. I find the right track can focus my mind on the task at hand: my fight scenes work to Pendulum, my death scenes (hypothetical death scenes, that is, since nobody dies…that would be spoilers!) are supported by Ludovico Einaudi, and so on.

So I’m going to try something new: every Sunday, I will share some of my music tastes with you (plus, in most cases, the stories behind how I came to listen to them).  Won’t that be exciting! Yes, it will.

Shut up.

The Music

These won’t be released in this order; it’s more a case of ‘when I get around to it’.



Q // Can you tell me where I can download [name of music here]?

Nope, sorry.  While I can’t stop you stealing music off the Internet, I’m not about to support it by providing links. I will always look out for and provide links to any music that can be purchased (either through services such as iTunes or the good old-fashioned CD).

Q // Can you e-mail me a particular track/album?

Sorry, no. Again, I’ll provide purchase links, or you can look for the music yourself.

Q // Why haven’t you looked at [name of music here]?

The music I look it comes purely from my own experiences and discoveries. If I haven’t looked at something that seems blatantly obvious, chances are it’s just because I haven’t come across it.

Q // Will you look at [name of music here]?

If you have a suggestion, I’d be happy to hear it. Contact me and I might check it out.  Just bear in mind that music – like everything – is a matter of personal taste, and I will not talk about music that I don’t personally enjoy, as I wouldn’t be unable to do it justice.

Q // So does this mean you’re not actually writing at the minute?

I am doing both. Now leave me alone.