Ohhhhh, We’re Half Way There!

Woaaaaah, Livin’ on a Prayer!

(Posted this on the wrong Blog first, ahahahaha)
What was I saying? Oh, yeah, NaNo. So here we are at the halfway point. I’ve not done half bad (get it, half?), and am relatively sure I will have written 50,000 words by the end of the month. How good those words will be is another matter entirely, but let’s concentrate on the fact that it’s being done.
After a couple of shaky days mid-week leaving me behind on the count, I went into a mammoth type-fest this weekend to catch up. I’m now on par for the month, with a whole 2 words over the recommended word count.
I’m still using Write or Die to keep me moving. I’ve even used it in work this week, setting my 1667 word requirement in with 8 hours on the timer. I only did this once, though; it kept popping up that I wasn’t writing at inappropriate times, like when I was taking support calls.
The month continues…