OmmWriter Revisited, the Pretty Writing Space (now on PC & iPad!)

I originally talked about Ommwriter a while ago, but since there’s new versions for both the PC and iPad out now, I figured it might be worth taking another look, especially for those who missed it the first time.

Before I start, I just wanted to say that this software is free*.

Now I have your attention for a little longer, let’s continue…

What is OmmWriter?

OmmWriter is full-screen writing software, designed to create a writing environment with inspiration instead of distraction.

Why is it so great?

Like other full-screen writing software, OmmWriter creates a virtual space with which the writer can create their literary greatness without the rest of their PC flashing at them and reminding them that their Twitter feed is updating constantly, or that someone has liked their insightful post about the latest LOLcat link on Facebook.

What separates OmmWriter from the others is its Zen approach to the process of writing in general, getting the writer to enter an almost meditative state through the use of audible and visual stimuli. If, as the software suggests, you start OmmWriter wearing headphones (probably best to turn off whatever death metal album you might be listening to at the time), you are treated to delightful ear-candy guaranteed to make your brain turn to mush, only to rebuild itself as a pure writing machine.

The sound of the keys alone is enough to will you into continuing your flow, as with each keystroke, OmmWrtiter gives a rewarding tinkle in your ears.

Any downsides?

Other than the fact you can’t set your own backgrounds, my only complaint is with the iPad version, but it’s a biggie:

There is currently no integration for Dropbox (or any cloud-based services) on the iPad version. It saves the files within the app on your iPad, and when you’re done, it appears the only option available is to e-mail the files to yourself.

In other words:

From the PC and Mac versions, you can open any text file within OmmWriter, so provided you have text files setup within Dropbox**, you can edit them freely using OmmWriter, but this is not available within the iPad version (because the apps are self-contained), and I know it exists, because I’ve seen it in other similar apps, so this is definitely something I would like to see in future updates.


If you are looking for a mellow high of a writing experience, check out OmmWriter, and really, for free, you can’t afford not to give this a try.



* Ommwriter Dana I is available completely free for PC and Mac. There is currently no free version available for the iPad. Ommwriter Dana II has additional music tracks and visuals, and can be purchased from the OmmWriter website.

** I’m going to be covering this in a later post about integration between Scrivener and external editing.