Playing with Software: OmmWriter

I’m still trying to find that perfect writer’s software. Scrivener is doing pretty well for the majority of things writing, if not everything, but being a terrible procrastinator as well as a complete pushover when it comes to anything shiny, I still want to try new things.

The last thing I tried and tested was Write or Die, which I used for NaNo, where it was important to get as many words as you could possibly spew out in the shortest amount of time. And it worked for that, and worked well. I never realised how much time I actually just staring at my screen until I used this, where every 30 or seconds, WoD started to beep at me because I wasn’t typing anything.

OmmWriter, Mac-based writing software, is pretty much the exact opposite of Write or Die. The idea of OmmWriter according to its web site is to restore the bond between writer and his/her tools, to make you enjoy the very process of writing, instead of just writing to reach your goal.

While it is in essence just notepad with a background and some music/sounds, you really do get a sense of stillness, of oneness between you, the writer, and your work while you are using it.

If you get the feeling you are losing touch with your writing, I’d suggest giving OmmWriter a go.

OmmWriter Site