[ Time Lapse ]

Okay, so it has been a rather few weeks since I last updated. I’d say I’ve been busy, but while that’s not untrue, I’ve not been so busy that my fingers haven’t been working! So I apologise for that, and while I’m here I’d just like to add that I’m sorry for the delay in September’s issue of the newsletter. I hope to make it up to everyone with October’s issue, which is going to have a very nice surprise attached to it! As usual, only subscribers will get to see it, so sign up today (doesn’t cost a penny!)!

Back to story news, I have now switched story priority, and eventually I will get around to changing the site to reflect the order. Just so you know, the second book that is now being worked on is Vampyr Snyper: the Vampire’s Son (formerly Book 3 of 5). I am also working as editor to S Derbyshire’s the Mentor, which is Maria’s backstory. I will put up some more information on this book once I have finished editing the draft.

‘Welcome to the Badlands’

I knew I’d get here soon, but now I’ve arrived it’s a thousand times worse than I expected. It’s the point in the first draft where I’ve written the beginning and planned the end perfectly, where I’m satisfied that I have managed to reach a suitable conclusion and the ability to drag readers in at the start. However, no matter how much has been planned, once I have reached the middle of the story, I have ground to an unpleasant, abrupt stop.

The stresses of the past week or two have not helped my creativity one jot, and to add to it I have now reached what I call the “Badlands” of the first draft (which I’d find to be the most challenging part at the best of times).

I have three or four sheets of paper that I have begun writing and given up barely less than half the page down. I have pages and pages of plans and character drives, but nothing is transferring to the page. Everything and everyone suddenly seems so wooden. It’s so depressing…

In Writing News…

What’s that, you say? I’ve actually done some work?!?!?…I am plodding on with this first draft of Divided They Fall. I expect to be approaching the half way mark any day. I am getting back into the swing of it, although once I re-read over the pages, I remember why the Genesis took so many drafts to get right. My first drafts are terrible. Laughably terrible. Everyone does things, just he says this, she says that, he moves over there, she nods, he’s angry, she’s confused……
I think they create a great lesson in the difference between Showing & Telling. Obviously, it’s fine, since I know it’s bad, it provides a solid foundation for future drafts.

Will keep you posted, as usual!

Between a Rock and a .co.uk

Users of the board may have noticed that today’s visit was cut short by a most unpleasant SQL server error message. Just so you know, this is not technically an error, as it has been done on purpose. Confused? Well, since purchasing the .co.uk address I’ve given the site a bit of a shake up.

Some people will not be pleased, mentioning no names.

It does, however, open up the floor for my next project, namely a fancy pants e-mail newsletter. So any of you are currently receiving the CafePress newsletter, this will soon become unavailable. Not to worry, though, as I will provide you with a new sign up method in plenty of time!

So soon you will be seeing yet another design of the web site, plus lots of fun-time extras.

Watch this space!

This is Not a Serious Post

In case anyone was wondering (which I’m sure no one was),I’m not dead, I’ve just not updated this news section in a while.

And what a mature subject I have returned to tell you all about! So, as you may or may not know, I prefer Firefox over the other Internet browsers, simply because it looks nicer (not to mention I have a fraction of the problems with it as I do with Internet Explorer)… and I happened upon the Firefoxflicks.com site, which – basically – a site with videos promoting Firefox.

And, well, I thoughtlessly clicked on this one and haven’t been able to stop laughing since! So enjoy, y’all.

And I promise that I will update with some more serious, writing-related, business within the next few days.

Poor Catrina…

So, as you may or may not know (depending on how many of my floating sites you happen to check), I have currently been concentrating on what I call “proper” planning (which involes lots of seriousness, no music and no booze), which – thank GOD – have now been completed, or at least completed in the 1st draft sense. I don’t doubt for a second that more or less every plot point will be chopped, changed, rearranged, until it’s not the same story at all (just speaking from experience here). Anyway, I’m going off at a tangent…where was I?

Oh, yeah, so we (by “we” I mean me and the mystical muse, also known as Steph) were working through all these plans, with God knows how many new characters, etc, and – well – we came across this recurring theme.

Everyone screws over Catrina (and I mean as in uses her to their own benefit, not just a dirty whore type way, although that’s there too).


Sometimes it’s without intention, other times – like the “duh” kind of bad guys, obviously they’ll try to manipulate and screw her over, but everyone does it.

I can’t explain in detail without ruining the stories, but everyone (especially in Divided They Fall) uses her.

It’s no wonder she’s always pissed of at people…

It’s New & Shiiiiiiiiiny

I love writing the first draft…of anything, really. It’s so, I don’t know, ALIVE. The characters are a lot more free, before I come down on them with the big red pen and scratch out half of the things that they do that I find so amusing or uplifting. There’s just so much energy that comes from writing the lives of these characters.

Just thought I’d mention. I’ve currently done around 50 pages of “Divided They Fall” (book-sized, mind), and it’s all going smoothly. I’m also in the process of a proof-read through the latest edition of “the Genesis” (I orded another paper copy). I have to admit, there are still a couple of mistakes, and I have fallen prey to the you’re/your bug. Slap my wrists. But, I have yet to find an it’s/its mix-up, so 1 out of 2’s not bad.

Power EDIT! Pow! Snip! Cut!

Does anyone else get the feeling I get a little power mad when it comes to editing? Hmm? It’s all for the best, even though right now it does look like a bit of a massacre…

So I’m finally ploughing on with this final edit. After this, I am going to give it a final (FINAL, FINAL) proof-read, then that’s it…I’m cutting myself OFF. No more Genesis! Ever! Never, Ever!

I’m scared!

Hold me!

The Final Cut (Or Rather, It’d Better Be…)

So I finally got the book back from Steph. Many thanks are due to her for spending Christ knows how many hours scribbling on Post-Its and sticking them in the relevant places that I’ve cocked up somehow. And to think, people could’ve BOUGHT the book that was made. Phew. Avoided that catastrophe.

As you can see, there were a LOT of errors, omissions, and general What Were You On?s. I took the photos when I was about half way through changing stuff. I also got proccupied with sticking them to myself.

I had FUN with my Post-Its. Post-It Ninja.

It was also my birthday on Saturday. Just thought I’d mention it. We went to a Chinese Karaoke Bar.

I’ve also started a Comprehensive (Note: not CREATIVE, there’s a difference, y’know…) Writing Course.

That’s about it for news. After I’ve finished updating, I’m going to go write some more. I’m hoping to get the final (and now I really, really mean FINAL) draft done and dusted. Then I can start to sell it. I’ve already got a list of potential buyers as long as my arm.

Well, maybe not my arm.

Finger to wrist.


Ooh, Nearly 2006

I haven’t got any specific New Year’s Resolution this time around. Last year was smoking, which I got around to in March…only a few months late.

I don’t know what else I have to work on, except life balance in general. Maybe I should make it an aim to save money this year?

No, that won’t work, I can tell you. I should work on improving my vocabulary. Words are eluding me of late, and every time I try to write (or re-write) a piece, I’m finding the “voice” difficult to get right, or get at all. It all ends up coming out like verbal diarrhoea.

You’d think I’d use the lack of eloquent creative flow to finish JEREMY.

You’d be wrong.

I’m an idiot and don’t think like that…