Plans & The Fog

So I bought the game FAHRENHEIT last week and completed it over the weekend. It’s an interesting way to lose a few hours and had me on the edge of my seat in many parts. I say 8/10: the controls were not so sharp as the look and feel. Anyway, it got me in the right frame of mind to get some ideas on paper.

There were reports on the news about bad fog yesterday, and they weren’t kidding. I couldn’t see my car when I went out yesterday morning! There’s something about fog, especially when you’re driving through it. It’s as though the world is forgetting what it is, and it’s only when you get closer that it realises what it’s supposed to look like. Walking through it is creepy, it was giving me the chills, but at the same time inspiring.

I am working solely on plans at the moment, because trying to take off BLOOD OF AGES while THE GENESIS is still in “the shop” is only making me angry. I have a lot of ideas for a different direction for the following stories (which I may be reducing to five from the initial six), which is getting me worked up. Catch 22, really. I can’t work on the stories because it doesn’t have a stable plan and I can’t work on the plans because I just want to scribble everything down into a chapter or a scene!