Poor Catrina…

So, as you may or may not know (depending on how many of my floating sites you happen to check), I have currently been concentrating on what I call “proper” planning (which involes lots of seriousness, no music and no booze), which – thank GOD – have now been completed, or at least completed in the 1st draft sense. I don’t doubt for a second that more or less every plot point will be chopped, changed, rearranged, until it’s not the same story at all (just speaking from experience here). Anyway, I’m going off at a tangent…where was I?

Oh, yeah, so we (by “we” I mean me and the mystical muse, also known as Steph) were working through all these plans, with God knows how many new characters, etc, and – well – we came across this recurring theme.

Everyone screws over Catrina (and I mean as in uses her to their own benefit, not just a dirty whore type way, although that’s there too).


Sometimes it’s without intention, other times – like the “duh” kind of bad guys, obviously they’ll try to manipulate and screw her over, but everyone does it.

I can’t explain in detail without ruining the stories, but everyone (especially in Divided They Fall) uses her.

It’s no wonder she’s always pissed of at people…