Second Life – Procrastination Station

This week, I have mostly been distracted by Second Life.

Second Life and I have a very on-again / off-again relationship; currently, we’re on.

I can’t really explain Second Life in nutshell, because there’s just so much to it. I’ve tried to cover the basic idea of Second Life on another page, but that’s just a general overview. You’re basically a representation of yourself (or whoever you want to be) in a virtual world, granted with the power of creation.  You can walk your avatar through a garden one minute and be transported to a post apocalyptic city the next. You can make or buy clothes for your avatar, and you can own land where you can sell your own creations within this virtual world.

It’s not quite as adventurous as it sounds, and for the most part, it’s a fairly lonely experience.

What I spend most of my time doing is wandering around the locations in first-person perpective, trying to get some decent screenshots of backgrounds, then I’ll wander around the various shops looking for animations and poses for my avatars, then I will log into each character (I have 5) and shoot them posing against green screens. Then I mash it all together outside of the world and create something akin to the image to the right.

Is it a productive use of my time? No.

But then if it was, it wouldn’t be procrastination, would it!