That Guy with the Glasses – Procrastination Station

It’s not technically a one-off procrastination, since I check this site practically every day for new videos, but as I haven’t made mention of its amazingness yet, I think it’s about time I did.

I can’t remember exactly how I came across That Guy With the Glasses. If memory serves, I saw a friend’s link on Facebook for a funny Twilight review and decided to have a gander. Gander, I did. Laugh, I did. Cry laughing, I…probably did. Anyway, after I’d finished laughing, I decided to check out the rest of the guy’s reviews.

The site is generally a review site, focusing on old (and, for the most part, crap) films, with some highly entertaining videos.

Highlights for me include:

Nostalgia Critic | Nostalgia Chick | MikeJ TV (Shameful Sequels) | Spoony | The Cinema Snob |  Film Brain (Bad Movie Beatdown)

And some of my very favourite reviews:

The Nostalgia Critic Reviews “Batman & Robin”

The Nostalgia Chick Reviews “Labyrinth”

MikeJ Reviews “Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life”

Spoony Reviews “Final Fantasy X” (The rest of this series of reviews can be found here.)

The Cinema Snob Reviews “Troll”

(Now, I’ll be perfectly honest; I haven’t seen the majority of the films the Cinema Snob has reviewed, although I have still watched the majority of the reviews. Why? Well, the man has an incredible voice and an absurdly high level of cynicism that is reminiscent of an American Jack Dee, which makes him more than a winner, in my book)

Film Brain Reviews “Equilibrium”

(Something stupid about permissions means I can’t embed, so click this link to view it instead. Damn you, Internet. Damn you to hell.)

I would like to add to this one that I do like Equilibrium (it’s one of my handful of filler movies [films I can watch without really needing to pay attention to them]), but I can totally see what the guy is talking about.

This site is generally known to me as a way to lose an hour. I’ve probably watched the majority of the reviews more than once, easily. This site is most definately worth checking out.