Procrastination Station: Machinarium

While “shopping” for new WordPress themes to ease my mild obsession with this site’s design, I came across a site demonstrating a lovely theme called Vikiworks v5. While ultimately I have chosen not to use this theme (it doesn’t currently support widgets, something I can’t really do without), I also started to read some of the creator’s blog and read a post about a game she had come across called Machinarium. Drawn in by its visually stunning screenshots, I went onto the site, and I was hooked.

The game is a basic point-and-click style adventure game, whereby you – a little robot left of the scrap heap – have to journey through the world, using objects and interacting with the scenery in order to get free. While in theory it’s very simple, that’s not to say that the game itself isn’t a challenge. Some of the puzzles just in the demo that I’ve played really had me scratching my head.

I haven’t purchased the full game yet (I have less than £10 to my name at the minute -_- ), but I wholeheartedly recommend you play at least the demo, featuring the full first level of the game, which can be played on the site: Machinarium.

It’s by no means easy, but you can’t die, and there’s no time limit, so if you feel like a bit of puzzling madness, give this game a try!