I had wholly intended today to be a completely writing-based day.  And then I remembered my recently acquired Disney film collection.  I figured I could just watch one before getting into some serious creative kung fu.

So I watched Disney/Pixar’s UP, cried like a baby, and and put on another one and then another and another.

Managed to catch up on some old classics as well as the newer ones.  Sleeping Beauty; all hail Maleficent, Mistress of all Evil (not to be confused with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark…who is also amazing, but for totally different reasons).  Monsters Inc; Boo, too cute for words.  Realised that I don’t like The Jungle Book, which of all the Disney films I’ve seen, has some of the poorest re-used animation loops.  Realised that I do like Tarzan.  Emperor’s New Groove is…well, it’s weird.  And to close I watched Bambi, which I am now confident I never actually finished watching as a child, since when I watching it tonight, everything after the whole “mother” incident seemed new.

I did tear myself away.  To play World of Warcraft for a bit.  But eventually I actually sat down, as I am now, and did some writing. Woo.

Yes, in amidst all my fanny-ing about, I am actually still finding the time to write occasionally!

Divided They Fall Progress 2010 02 13