Hyperbole & a Half – Procrastination Station

I appreciate that the time we spend on this Earth is both precious and fleeting.

I do, I get that.

Any day, life can be ripped away through any number of natural and/or man made causes, and it’s important that if you are capable of producing something that you think is meaningful, something that you want the world to know about — whether it’s a story you want to share or a just something you think others will relate to — you have to work hard to document it.

Be productive, be prolific, be profuse! Write whenever and wherever you can, because your story must be told!


Ensure you keep the Internet open at all times, so that when your mind wanders from the task at hand, you have an easy avenue out.

Keep the television on, because you never know when that episode of Friends you’ve seen for about the eighteenth time could be on again.

Make sure your computer has some games installed on it, or – failing that – that you have a games console within reach.

Make sure your cupboards are stocked with food for culinary adventures and your house is kept in perpetual messiness (because you never know when you will get that uncontrollable urge to clean things).

And, most importantly, appreciate the fact that you’re not alone in your desire to basically not do what you’re constantly telling yourself you’re supposed to.

We all suffer from bouts of procrastination. It’s about time we embraced it.

You can buy both this mug and this poster, as well as a whole host of other illustrations from Hyperbole and a Half from Allie’s Zazzle site. I know I’m already going to order the mug; once I get my writing room back, I’ll probably get the poster, as well. So go and buy some things, support procrastinating and those who do it now!

P.S. You should also check out Allie’s blog, Hyperbole and a Half, because it’s funny as hell, in particular “How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood” and any of the posts to do with Spaghatta Nadle. I would have done a Procrastination Station for the blog already, but since I’ve been doing very little other than procrastinating for a while, I figured it would be best to space it out a little bit.

P.P.S. I am very aware that the majority of my posts lately are not about writing, and even though I do joke about how this blog is built up in the majority about things that involve avoiding writing, I’m getting slightly conscious of the fact that I haven’t strung a sentence together in any work or other in a good month or so (excluding “The Genesis” synopsis, it’s closer to two, pushing on three!), and while I’m definitely not the type to be making promises I have no intentions of keeping, I do hope that this month and maybe next month, I will be able to force something a bit more productive out.