The Death of Corey Haim

I don’t usually pipe up about celebrity deaths (or celebrity anything, for that matter).  As much as I watch (and–for some–admire) these people, alas I don’t know them, nor do I know anyone who has ever even been in the same room with them.  And without actually having ever known these people, it’s not really my place to say anything, is it?

I didn’t pass comment or judgement when the world lost Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy (she would have made a fabulous McKenzie) or even the monolith presence that was Michael Jackson.  Probably though, looking at it from a purely subjective point of view, the reason I didn’t feel it necessary to talk about them was because while of course they were most likely all amazing people, admittedly with more than their fair share of problems each, nothing that they had done really had a place with me.

Corey Haim, on the other hand, meant something to me.  The Lost Boys was one of the most memorable films of my childhood; it, along with American Werewolf in London, was one of the main reasons I got so much into vampires.  The Usual Suspects, you did a great job, but The Lost Boys remains my top personal favourite movie of all time. All time.

Without having known him on a personal level, I can’t say much about Corey Haim in so far as his personal life, or ultimately, his death, other than it’s sad to learn about the massive problems that he had, and the struggles he would have gone through.  I watched the last video he appeared in today; and more than anything, I have to say that I think he just looks tired.

Perhaps now, if nothing else, at least he will be able to rest.