(Re)name My City; Win a $25 / $10 Amazon Gift Certificate*

That’s right. I’m resorting to bribery to get people involved in my shit.

Don’t judge me!

The Genesis” and subsequent vampire-centric novels take place in a fictional American city, instead of somewhere that actually exists. I’ve done this for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • It gives me the freedom to create my own world within a world, with rules and laws and cultures of my own creation, in addition to those that are accepted as “the norm”.
  • I am not American, and trying to emulate a city that actually exists there would ultimately be based on my whole three days‘ experience spent in San Francisco, as well as a previous two decades’ worth of television and film influence.

I am currently using the name Dayson for my city, which is a placeholder of sorts, though personally I’ve grown quite fond of it.

In any case, I’m looking for new suggestions towards the name of the city in which these stories take place.

What you need to know

The city was once an industrial powerhouse (particularly in the late 80’s/early 90’s), but as the world has turned and the need for such things has lessened, it has suffered. Nowadays, it stands as a monument to its own uselessness, with countless buildings that lie in desolation and disrepair, their requirement exceeded by technology and the needs of modern men.

Yes, vampires live there now, but that is not the city’s driving force. They are not the ones pulling the strings. Vampires choose this city because of its pre-existing population: a city built on hopeless ideals is best suited to creatures that can be tempted away from it.

It is a city fighting–and losing–for old-world idealisms.

  • Think Gotham, only without Batman. Just as much suffering, but no one helps, and everyone accepts the world that they are a part of.
  • Think Manchester, only without the accents (which I’m allowed to say, as it’s my hometown).
  • Think the world in which Blade takes place, another unnamed city.

The city will be steeped in history (think Springfield as an example); its forefathers would be disappointed if not disgusted in the place it has become.

You need to be able to refer to it both by itself and with the suffix of “city”; that is to say, it needs to feel like a big city just by the mention of the name. I’m thinking of Atlantic and Carson city, as prime examples.

It should be mentioned that there are no plot points within any of the current or foreseeable novels that involve the city itself; it is always just a backdrop on which the characters dance.

My original planning and ideas were based on Lowell, Massachusetts, if that helps.

The final resting place for the city will be somewhere along or near to the East coast.

What’s in it for you

The entrant who provides a name I decide to use in the books will receive a $25 Amazon gift voucher. Please see the rules for a full breakdown of this reward.

For everyone who takes part in this competition, just as a “thank you” for your contribution, a $10 gift voucher will be distributed to one random entrant, regardless of the outcome.

Best of luck to everyone. Here’s to hoping you can give me the name I so sorely seek.

* Subject to the following Rules

This competition closes at midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time: London, Paris, Greenwich) on April 14th 2012.

Reply either in the comments below or reply to @Penrefe on Twitter or the Blood of Ages page on Facebook, in order for your entry to be included.

You must have a valid Amazon account-related e-mail address to be provided upon winning, in order to receive either prize. In the event of an individual entering without a valid Amazon account, a PayPal e-mail address may be substituted: however, this will be liable to PayPal’s fees for transfer, which is currently set at around 1.5% of the total amount.

The winner of the $10 voucher will be determined through means of names equating to numbers (in order of entry, first entry as #1, and so on) and transposed into Random.org’s number generator, the process of which will be recorded through Camstudio Recorder and announced with the winner for the name choice.

While you are urged to give as many suggestions as you want/can (obviously), your name will only be entered once into the raffle.

In the event of a name being chosen:

  • The individual who provides the winning entry will win a $25 Amazon gift voucher.
  • The author K. L. Kerr will be solely responsible for the choice of the city’s name.
  • The name chosen will be used for the city in the Blood of Ages novels, as well as any future, currently un-presented projects. You acknowledge this and allow its use in the series and any/all future projects involving the name.
  • The winner will also get a special thank you at the back of any and all book releases that include the name.
  • The winner of the $25 prize will be excluded from the $10 draw.

In the event of no name being chosen:

  • The $25 shall be waivered, but the $10 participation prize will still be given to a random participant, as previously outlined.

The $10 award:

Everyone who adds a comment with a suggested name will be included in the prize draw, excluding any names that are defamatory, or to those who would take liberties on this wholesome, harmless subject.