Scrivener [for Windows] is Coming!

Update: Scrivener [for Windows] is Here!

A few weeks ago, I was moaning (as I often do) about the working state of my MacBook, crying and tanting about how it was dying and I didn’t want to write without using Scrivener (the very reason I bought my Mac(s) in the first place, and the reason I’ve bought another — I hope Apple appreciate the Scrivener team, because I’m more than a little confident that I’m not the only one to do this!). Since I mentioned the Scrivener Twitter account in my rant, I got a very nice response from DJ, hinting that it might not be too long until the Windows version was finally released.

The link DJ provided at the time was to a tiny pocket of the Literature and Latte web site, which has been there since I started using the software. It basically said that there wasn’t a version available yet, but that one day it would be a possibility, and offered an e-mail sign-up to a newsletter. Having already done this over 12 months ago, I ignored it.

Mere days later, my tether finally snapped with my MacBook and I sold it on eBay along with the ill-fated Mac Mini, which never really did anything wrong, but which I was always slightly embittered towards, because it wasn’t a MacBook, and I shouldn’t have had any need to buy it, because the MacBook should have just fucking worked in the first place!

Anyway, yes, the MacBook was gone, and deciding that the information from DJ was just sweet placation, I also put an order in for a new MacBook Pro.

I come from a World of Warcraft experience of software development, where Soon™ means anything from tomorrow to the end of time, like so:

Full information on Soon™ can be found here.

So when I was told that a Windows version of Scrivener was coming soon, I brushed it off entirely, went ahead and bought a new laptop anyway.

Another handful of days later, before my new machine had even arrived (it still hasn’t, stupid Apple delivery times), the Scrivener twitter was abuzz with new information about the release of Scrivener for Windows. I was naturally flabbergasted and feeling more than a little sheepish. That’ll teach me to ignore information from a software developer.

Full information from this update, including movie demonstrations of how it’s going to work, can be found here.

Almost thankfully for me, it’s been announced that this Windows update — although coming — isn’t due for release until early 2011. That doesn’t seem like far away, but when you think there’s NaNoWriMo sandwiched in between today and the proposed release date, it’s still understandable why I would want to have the existing Mac version.

In any case, I have learned two things from this experience:

  1. Even with the Mac version in my possession, I will still be purchasing Scrivener for Windows.
  2. When someone tells you that something is coming, I will consider believing them.