Shit Just Got Real (The Beta Draft Begins)

So a couple of weekends ago, Muse and I got together for one of our usual writer’s weekends.

Amongst other–more important–revelations over that weekend, I learned that I don’t actually hate vodka and orange juice, as I’ve always thought since I tried it as a teenager, but rather that vodka is just a tricky beast that hides inside your drink, undetectable, and slowly takes away the ability to string a sentence together.

We spent the majority of the time drinking and watching Catfish (the documentary and then the TV show, because why not?).


We did actually get some work done, as well. She is one of two my alpha readers, the Bad Cop of the pair. Boy, she don’t hold back. My alpha draft came back from Muse with close to 500 comments, and not many of them good.

Here’s a lovely sample of them:

They weren’t all completely scathing comments. She did pepper some encouragement in there, if I looked for it really hard. But yeah, mostly it was just yelling.

She’s my best friend, believe it or not.

And it was an atrocious draft, nowhere near the standard I can put out.

The weekend allowed for a lot of brainstorming to fix these 500 issues. At some point, we realised we probably should’ve had said brainstorming session before I started work on the alpha draft. But never mind.

And now here we are. I’ve been working on the beta draft outline since then, and I am planning to start work on the actual draft itself on Friday 5th July.

I then have around eight weeks to get a draft that will be good enough for other people to actually look at, because I’ve booked my editor in for the last week in September.

Divided They Fall (Blood of Ages, #2) should be coming at some point in October this year. Man, I do hope I’ll have it ready for October 3rd, but unfortunately I doubt it. It’s probably going to be closer to November.

But it’s coming!

I’m working on it!

Stay with me!

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